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Overcoming Social Isolation

Studies have shown that older Canadians are at a higher risk of social isolation than other segments of the population.

Because loneliness and depression can lead to other health problems there has been significant attention paid to battling isolation, particularly for older individuals.

Inforgraphic - Canadian Senior Living - Top Submission for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award

Please enjoy one of the top infographics submitted for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award by Gian Carlo Alix, “Canadian Senior Living”:

Changing Aging - Top Submission for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award

Please enjoy reading one of the top essays submitted for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award by Jennifer Jorgensen, “Changing Aging”:

​Changing Aging

As a society obsessed with anti-aging campaigns and a fixation on youthfulness, it’s a wonder that the aging process can be “successful” at all.  We are bombarded with messages that promote maintaining one’s youth or offer promises to ward off the signs of aging altogether.

Tips for Safer Driving as You Age

Having a driver’s license is something that many Canadians take for granted. Yet it is a huge part of maintaining independence for people.

However, as we age our bodies tend to change as well, which can sometimes make driving more difficult. But it doesn’t have to mean the end of getting around. With some precautions you can continue to maintain your freedom while staying safe on the road.

Senior Profile: Long-time Volunteer Joan Berndt Offers Advice for Staying Involved

Life-long volunteer Joan Berndt has earned a reputation as a giver to her community. She has been a recipient of the Ontario Senior Achievement Awards and the Caring Canadian Award from the Governor General, which has been renamed the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers.

She recently spoke to SeniorsZen about what it means to be involved and how seniors can continue to give back to their community.

Canadian Seniors Devote Leisure Time to Volunteer Duties

Older Canadians have been the backbone of the volunteer sector, according to a report by Volunteering Canada.

Countries Need More Preparation for Increase in Global Retirement Numbers, Report Indicates

Citizens and governments need to prepare now for retirement with solid savings and good policies, according to a recent retirement report.

With over 600 million people that are 65 years and older, retirement systems around the world have been feeling the pressure. Many countries face a serious risk of funding shortfalls for pension funds.

Staying Active: Sporting Ideas for Seniors

Staying physically active becomes more important as we get older because of the numerous benefits it can bring.

My Unspoken Thoughts - Top Submission for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award

Please enjoy reading one of the top essays submitted for 2017 SeniorsZen Scholarship Award by Nicole Kokolski, “My Unspoken Thoughts”:

My Unspoken Thoughts

I’m scared. Everyone is talking about me, but they speak too fast and I can’t understand what they are saying. I know they mean the best for me, however, I feel like a child who can’t speak up or defend herself. They don’t listen to me and think I’m going nuts. Sometimes I wonder if I am. I frequently can’t distinguish dreams from reality, and I hear words from my mouth that I don’t recognize.

Seniors Embracing Digital World

Despite common perceptions that older adults have little know-how or interest in modern technologies like smartphones, tablets or the internet, a recent study shows that many are becoming connected online.

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